WhatsApp Group information, photos, tips, shares and conversations

Members Only WhatsApp Group

The Johannesburg Succulent Society's WhatsApp Group is open to members only. Check that your membership is up to date!

The WhatsApp Group is used to:

  • post, shares photographs, offer tips, engage in conversations, and obtain answers to succulent related questions

  • encourage knowledge exchange

  • post invitations to, and reminders about upcoming Johannesburg Succulent Society events, Club Nights and Outings and Shows, and to recap previous events

  • promoting third party products / services or non-succulent related events is seriously discouraged.

  • if you have queries specific to yourself and not the group, kindly direct message a Committee member or specific person

  • don't feel obliged to respond to every post

  • the group admins reserve the right to remove you from the group and to close the group to conversations at any time

  • You are welcome to mute the group. We don't want this useful platform to become onerous in any way.

Rest assured that it is your choice whether you participate, reply, ask for advice, post photographs, your experience of tips, or just follow the feeds.

Join as a member to be added to the WhatsApp Group, by contacting us on jhbss.info@gmail.com

Post your photos and ask a question, or share the species name using our Members' Only Whatsapp Group or on facebook. This offering provides a community of experts who will inspire you, help you identify your succulent plants, provide ideas for soils, watering regimes, sunlight requirements, fertilisers, maintenance, pest control and more. The group is often used to continue discussions that take place at Club Nights. As all plant lovers understand, procurement and bartering of species and non-species plants, is actively encouraged, and through the Whatsapp Group, you can direct message someone who has posted about a plant you are desperate to get hold of. Participation is key, which makes the scope of the Johannesburg Succulent Society's WhatsApp Group endless.

Plants in cultivation, in habitat, in flower and of interest are including in posts
Ceropegia, Stapeliads and many other plants are featured
Ideas for waterwise gardening, and clarification and identification of species always get expert replies
The group is the perfect place to ask for help with diseases, pests or help with all manner of plant species