Monthly Club Nights: a place for people to meet

Venue: The Floreum at Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

Our Club Nights are held in the Floreum at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.

This is accessed via the Parking which is off Olifants Road. When coming across the Emmerentia Dam wall, be ready to turn left into the parking. You may then proceed through the access gate, and walk up, a little toward the right, to find the Floreum. If approaching from the Bowler Road side, turn into Olifant's Road and then right just before your reach the Emmerentia Dam wall.

The Johannesburg Botanical Garden is located in the suburb of Emmarentia in Johannesburg, South Africa. The gardens grew out of a large rose garden that was established in 1964 (becoming known locally as the "Rose Garden") and subsequently expanded from 1969 to cover an area of around 125 hectares (1.25 km2).[1] It is administered by Johannesburg City Parks. The Emmarentia Dam is situated immediately to the east of the garden and shares its extensive acreage.

Monthly Club Nights

The Society meets on the first Wednesday of the month. All meetings are communicated via the incredibly informative Society's Newsletter, which is emailed monthly to both members and non members. Be sure to check your Inbox!

Club Nights provide access to a collection of knowledgeable and passionate members, who are the soul of the evening. The evening includes an expert talk, and often slide shows of all manner of succulents and xerophytic plants. The normal procedure encourages one member to brings snacks.

We ask members to bring plants of particular interest to inspire our peers. These are then discussed around a table.

Personal experiences, wider discussions on the past month's WhatsApp Group activity, are sure ways to make new, and cement old friendships. Each and every one of our members are important to us!

We often allowed members to bring plants to the Club Nights for sale. This happens outdoors and before the Club Night starts. Check the latest newsletter to confirm there will be a Sale or Not.



Members: R 30 Non-members: R 40

Please do not come if you are unwell or have tested positive with Covid in the past 7 days.


Aloe mawii

Arid landscapes nurture succulents

Flowering succulent

Carpets of waterwise succulents

Euphorbia may be seen on the Plant table at a Club night