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Our Committee members are passionate about our indigenous plant heritage. They are all volunteers, and provide the backbone to the Johannesburg Succulent Society. They look forward to contact from members, and connection and active engagement is an essential part of the Johannesburg Succulent Society.

Thank you to each and every past, current and future Committee member, for generously offering your time and expertise to the Society.

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The Johannesburg Succulent Society encourages members to get involved and make a mark on the Society.

Be active on our Members WhatsApp Group, participate in the Plant Show and Plant Sale, and attend Club Nights (which are a vital benefit to any plant addict.). Like and share our facebook page and post photos of our Johannesburg gardens.

Offer your opinions and suggestions to any one of our committee members, and you will be assured of a prompt and positive response.

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2021 Committee

Chairman: Dr Gerhard (aka Harti) Sieburg

Club Night Organiser: Vacant

Treasurer: Keith Witelson

Advisor on plant names and newsletter proof-reader: Michael Marais

Newsletter: Luise (Lulu) Granig

Show Convener: Dr Gerhard (aka Harti) Sieburg

Website: Caryl Stutchbury

Social Media: Yolande Korsten

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  • Members are those who have paid their membership fees

  • Visitors are those who attend Club Nights but are not members

  • Fans are those who get the newsletter only

  • Establishments (as individuals or as an entity), such as botanical gardens, nurseries and landscapers may be both members and visitors, but the activities of the Society are strictly non-commercial

Aloe erinicaea displays the most magical form and textures

Aloe erinacaea

Lithops in flower


Cotyledon tomentosa is commonly known as the "bear's claw succulent"

Cotyledon tomentosa

Carion plant

Extraordinary flowers on succulents